PM-KISAN’s 9th instalment expected soon. Check who are ineligible for the scheme

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-KISAN), an initiative launched by the central government, provides 6,000 per annum as minimum income support to all farmers. The amount is paid in three instalments and is deposited directly into the bank accounts of the farmers.

In May this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released 19,000 crore as the eighth instalment of the scheme which aims to benefit 9.5 crore farmers. The ninth instalment of the scheme is expected to be released sometime in August.

As the name suggests, the PM-KISAN is for families involved in farming. According to the rules of the scheme, the yearly amount of 6,000 is deposited directly into the bank account of one family member.

However, a question arises whether both husband and wife can avail the benefits of the scheme. The answer is no. According to a report by Hindustan Times’ sister publication Live Hindustan, if husband and wife are found availing the benefit of the scheme, the government will take back the amount.

The Live Hindustan report on Thursday also gave details with regard to those who are ineligible for the central government scheme:

> The scheme is ineligible for those who are using their farmlands for some work other than farming.

> People working on the farm of another person and are not owners of the land are ineligible.

> Similarly, a person who is farming in a land that is not registered under his/her name is ineligible. The scheme cannot be availed even if the land is registered under the name of the person’s father or grandfather, the report said.

> The scheme is also non-valid for owners of farmlands who are either current or retired government employees, serving or former MPs and MLAs or ministers.

> Professional registered doctors, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants along with their families are ineligible, the Live Hindustan report said.

> Farmers who are receiving a monthly pension of over 10,000 are ineligible. Families paying income tax are also non-valid to avail of the scheme.

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